The Arizona State Men’s Lacrosse team and APN Video are partnering to provide streaming broadcasts for the 2018 home games. We are giving advertisers and / or sponsors the opportunity to bring their branding or support to the MCLA audience anywhere they are via Computers, Smart phones, or Smart TVs!


Tier 1 – $ 30 (unlimited quantity)

With this package, your sponsorship will be displayed at half time during each game.

  • Half time thank you video will run thanking everyone that purchased this tier. Tier designed for families and friends that want to watch the broadcast.

Tier 2 – $ 50 (limited to time available)

With this package, your sponsorship will be displayed at half time.

  • Half time videos. Your video/ad/trailer will be played at half time. If you don’t have a video we will help create one using graphics/images/text. Tier designed for small businesses that want to sponsor the team.

Tier 3 – $ 100 (4 per game available)

With this package, you will be the sponsor of one of the quarters.

  • Quarter intro graphic placement on the screen at the beginning and end of the quarter. Call outs during the quarter. “The 3rd quarter is brought to you by …”

Tier 4 – $ 100 (1 per game available)

With this package, you will be the sponsor of Starting Line Ups and Time Outs.

  • Starting Line-Up “Brought to you by…” Your company name and logo will be displayed prior to line-up. During Time Outs a call out “This time out is brought to you by …”
  • Boston College sold – 1/23/18

Tier 5 – $ 500 (1 per game available)

With this package, you will be the title sponsor of the game.

  • Includes everything in first 4 tiers. We will work with you on graphics and ads.

Note: Don’t have a company but still want to be a sponsor? You can by purchasing one of the tiers. We will work with you on appropriate call-outs, and graphics. For example: “This game is brought to you by a friend of Arizona State Men’s Lacrosse. The team appreciates all the support they get to make these broadcasts available.”

Home Game Schedule – 2018

3/2 Boston College 7:30pm
3/3 U of Georgia 5:00pm
3/24 UNLV 12:00pm
3/25 SDSU 12:00pm
3/31 GCU 12:00pm (may change based on facility)

Calculate Payment

Tiers are likely to sell out. As they sell out we will up date the tier information above and on the Broadcast Tier document that is available for download.

Broadcast Tier document

18_Broadcast_ad_rate sheets for help calculating costs for multiple games

Payment Information

Payments can be made by check or through the PayPal button below.Questions should be emailed to Colleen at

Please make checks payable to: ASU Men’s Lacrosse

Mail your check to:

ASU Men’s Lacrosse
2420 W. Onza Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85202


Ad Copy Information

Ads can be submitted in PC or Mac format Adobe Photo Shop or Illustrator; tiff or eps files. All fonts must be converted to outline. PDF files acceptable, but must be 300 dpi. Color ads must be in CMYK. If you can’t submit the file in an approved format please provide a high quality business card or other document for scanning

Videos should be in MP4 format and run no more than 60seconds.

The ASU logo, word mark, seal, and athletic mascot (Sparky and Pitchfork) are official trademarks of Arizona State University and must be used in accordance with the ASU Graphic Standards Manual. Any individual, organization, or company wishing to use Arizona State University’s logos and trademarks must obtain the right to do so in writing from the university.

Parents and fans are welcome to create support ads for the team. If you would like to make statements in your ad such as “Our company supports Arizona State® or Sun Devil® Lacrosse,” the registered trademark terms Arizona State® and Sun Devil(s)® must be accompanied by ®.